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Coming soon to a Foster Care Agency near you: Performance Based Contracting!

Posted by lboyd544 on August 30, 2014

Performance Based Contracting has long been implemented in sales, manufacturing, and other business environments. Over the past few years, health care and hospitals have joined this path in defining desired outcomes for patient care and in rewarding the meeting of these goals.

PBC, short for Performance Based Contracting, has spread out into the fields of human services, behavioral health care, and foster care as well.

All members of the Oklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Association are fully engaged with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to define organization and service goals for the foster care population we serve, for our foster families, and for our agencies. We are in the midst of identifying : goals for recruitment, outcomes for TFC implementation and services, strengths of TFC providers, and system barriers to achieving desired outcomes.

OTFCA specifically is committed to being the best TFC service delivery group in the US! We know we are well on our way. All agencies of the Association are trained in trauma-informed services for families and youth. All agencies are nationally accredited in behavior healthAll agencies utilize evidence-based programming, such as Together Facing the Challenge. We know of no other state association where all agencies meet these criteria.

Proud of you OTFCA!



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Nothing more precious!

Posted by lboyd544 on August 24, 2011

Schools across Oklahoma started this week. Moms are either elated ….or lonely!  Drivers are warned to be alert to returning foot traffic of rambunctious youth. Teachers are their most excited and hopeful as they enter their classrooms with plans and dreams renewed.  Children are focused on seeing their friends and, hopefully, meeting educational expectations.

Surely this is one of the most exciting times of the year!  It doesn’t get the Hallmark traffic of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. However, it does attract the attention of all levels of community.

For those who spend their lives and the multitude of their energy, daylight hours, and personal resources championing the needs of children and youth, Thank You. Many of you are teachers, and we are most aware of appreciating you as school begins. Others of you toil year around in public or private organizations, in clubs or in neighborhoods, in policy formation or in delivery of services for healthy living.  Thank You also.

Indeed, “it takes a village” to raise a child and to help communities thrive. The work is hard. The challenges to come this year will push the envelope as they do each year. So for today, celebrate!  Our pains and frustrations come in proportion to the importance we ascribe to things and people. Our excitement, joy, and renewed commitment should be similarly expressed!  Celebrate. be excited, life begins anew…..with each school year!

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