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Prayer for the New Year

Posted by lboyd544 on December 31, 2014

I think we all get a bit nostalgic today, Dec. 31st.  It doesn’t matter what year; it doesn’t seem to matter whether the past twelve months were ‘good’ or ‘difficult’ or whether the coming year holds specific promise and plans. Today is the one day we all are fully aware of the passage of time and of key moments in our lives.

I often write of the needs of vulnerable children. I frequently cajole those of you reading to action…again, more, quickly.

Yet I have been sensing a different perspective needed by all of us in the child welfare field and today I have found a clue in a prayer sent me by a friend. I do not know the author. Suffice it to say, I didn’t write it! But I will share.

“The vision is simple and clear. Let us leave as much as we can here, on this side of time, before we cross over to tomorrow. Let us come to the end of this year without regrets, worries, fear or anger. Let what needs to be left behind be released that our steps are as light as innocent hope, our hearts as free as first felt love.”

The message I need in this prayer is a message I fully believe in and try to present to those voiceless children and families we seek to serve: it is the message of ‘hope’. The different perspective is that we, who lead and have the opportunity to speak for our nation’s youth, also need ‘hope’ and innocent hope… unencumbered by prior failures or successes.

In 2015 we have hope for a new year, new energy, new opportunity, an expanding economy, a new Congress and Senate and state legislatures, new discoveries (even miracles) in health care, and new voices in our work to serve (and save?).

I feel light. I will release and leave behind the hardships of the past. And I look forward with hope and renewed spirit to our journey together in 2015.

Happy New Year.


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