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Oklahomans: call Gov. Fallin. Other state: check this out.

Posted by lboyd544 on November 19, 2012

Oklahoma Gov. Fallin’s office is soliciting calls from citizens for/against OK creating its own health care exchange AND expansion of Medicaid.

I support both.Oklahoma filed a federal lawsuit (the ONLY state to do so on this matter), which argues that subsidies can only flow through state-based exchanges, not a federally run fallback. If that argument succeeds in the courts, only a few states will have functional exchanges and the law’s coverage expansion will be eviscerated.

This makes it extra-important for OK to have its own exchange in case the lawsuit prevails.

As you have read from earlier posts on this site, OK stands to benefit from Medicaid expansion as well. Not only do we cover more citizens, but the feds pick up 100% of the cost for 3 yrs. The fed contribution then declines until 2020 when it levels permanently at 90%. However, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority estimates that even our 10% contribution equals a ‘zero sum’ when compared to costs for emergency room use now and other costs we pay today. Above that ‘zero cost’, we increase health care industry jobs.

Please consider calling Gov. Fallin today at 405-521-2342.

We must let her know how we feel. She will be making decisions largely on public input on these.

For those of you in other states, the Oklahoma scenario may be quite similar. Please investigate your Governor’s stance on both Exchanges and Medicaid expansion.

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