Child Welfare in the 21st Century

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“Pausing” is a Good Thing

Posted by lboyd544 on November 13, 2012

As of today, our nation is one week past election day. I was anxious to post last Wednesday. Had I done so, I would have pleaded with Americans to pull together and to respect and utilize our differences, not our wins or losses.  The urge to post continued and had I done so late in the week, I would have commented on the emerging skepticism that the initial kumbaya moment of national Party leaders was all but done. Had I posted on Sunday, I would have urged President Obama, yes our President whose office we must respect regardless of political affiliation, to lead with strength of conviction and clarity of purpose and not be mired in the thicket of political posturing by those who already are protecting themselves in the next election cycle.
I am glad I paused.
Indeed, each of the potential postings I did not write had merit, in my opinion. Then the sea wave of ‘urgency’ and robust media attention gravitated to the personal indiscretions of General Petraeus and as of today, potentially, General John Allen.
Again, I am glad I paused. President Obama will not be President four years from now; news mongers will latch on to the next soap opera by next week (if not sooner!); our elected leaders will confront the Fiscal Cliff in a bipartisan manner.
The most meaningful outcomes of last week’s elections will not be lost on whim or news cycles. For those of us who ever doubted, the people have spoken and have proven the honor to be trusted. The United States has changed (or returned to its founding principles depending on your point of view)! Minorities will have a place and a voice in America whether identified by ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability/disability. Health care reform is underway. Voters do care and will turn out to make their votes count. Polling, robocalls, and to an astonishing – and welcomed – degree, money cannot buy elections. Parties are confronted to address their principles, not their talking heads. The greatness of America as the land of opportunity and diversity is reclaimed by the voters!
As a child growing up in North Carolina, I never expected society to confront the evils of tobacco nor the injustice of segregation. Eventually the people prevailed more powerful than the lobbyist and the partisan politician . Today the Hispanic child, the gay child, are the child of illegal immigrant families are surely wondering if America will be a place that addresses their circumstances fairly and legally. It is with confidence – from our voices and our votes last week – that I am know the answer is ‘yes’. America is strong and will remain so when the people speak.

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