Child Welfare in the 21st Century

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Behaviors demonstrate our values….in emergencies and for long-term.

Posted by lboyd544 on August 6, 2012

We are all grateful to the professional and the volunteer firefighters in Oklahoma for their heroism and sacrifice these past few days putting our fire fires throughout the state. Similarly, we give thanks for no serious injuries to anyone and that damage has not been worse. In typical Oklahoma-standard style, communities have rallied behind those who have lost so many personal homes and treasures. We have provided well for firefighters and for those in shelters trying to make sense of ‘next steps’.

This is who WE are in Oklahoma. When their is a need, we respond…compassionately and effectively. These are our values.

There is one on-going tragedy that we must not forget: Oklahoma is the 5th highest state for citizens with food insecurity worries. This hunger hits young and old alike.

For children especially, 24% of Oklahoma’s kids are hungry. Just as many live in families where someone is working, but whose incomes remain below the poverty level. Most of these same families have no health insurance…and when they finally are severely ill enough to seek help, they head to emergency rooms where you and I pick up the tab through our own insurance premiums and costs.

Surely our Oklahoma values include food, shelter, and access to health care for all Oklahomans, just as we expect Oklahomans to work, pay taxes, and contribute to the common good through their actions.

Let us not forget this challenge/emergency either as we breathe in a sigh of relieve today that one crisis (fires) might be under control.  We have work to do and similarly need courage, heroism, and sacrifice by Oklahoma leaders and citizens…just as we received from the firefighters.

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